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Architecture is an art, the art of creating space, of creating void from the full. Where the process is as important as the result.

Architecture must be contextual, but in the broadest sense: geographical – from the micro place to the cosmos-historical, cultural…

A project must leave an “enriched” place after its construction.

The architect molds matter as an extension of nature through geometry as a link between tangible reality and the world of ideas.

Architecture has to be aesthetically desirable, constructively reasonable, and socially justifiable.

Architecture has to function, respond to needs within economic and social parameters, use all possible techniques, but never as an end in itself, but as a means to achieve higher goals.

Architecture is neither an increasingly complicated technical feat nor a mental and theoretical discourse, nor a spectacle by definition antinomically opposed to its perenniality.

Our job is to build outdoor spaces so that people can get in touch with their indoor space.

Architecture is a sensitive experience of space that makes us connect with the cognitive, with the spiritual, with the conscience of each one.

Because architecture begins when construction ends. There is architecture when magic operates, when matter ceases to be matter, when it is transcended, when it is withdrawn, it becomes blurred, it becomes poetry.

What is complicated is art, the passage from matter to poetry. And that which is so great and beautiful translates into something as simple as a construction that, by an act of alchemy, ceases to be so to transform into something much more profound and essential that invites silence and humility.